Preparing for Class: FAQS

Please take note of the following for your comfort and safety when practicing yoga.

What to wear

Yoga practice is undertaken with bare feet.  Wear clothing comfortable for you –  leggings, shorts or tracksuit pants and a fitted t-shirt or singlet that won’t restrict your movement.  Bring a jumper or shawl for the relaxation at the end of class, especially in winter.  You may wish to bring a small towel for some of the more dynamic classes.  Please ensure your feet are clean before class as equipment is shared.

Eating and drinking

It is best to practice yoga on an empty stomach.  Your last heavy meal should be 3 to 4 hours before practice.  This allows you to work deeper into the digestive system and reduces any discomfort.  If you are very hungry try to eat a light meal or shake an hour or two before class.  Drinking is not recommended during class, however, if you need a drink please bring some water with you.  It is recommended to drink plenty of warm water after your practice to help flush your system and to rehydrate your body.  Yoga is best practiced when the bowels and bladder are empty, even if that means you need to take a break during the practice!


Mats and other equipment are provided.  Please clean your mat and any other equipment you use at the end of each class using the spray and towels provided.

Injuries, pregnancy, medical conditions, unwell

Please keep your teacher informed before every class if you have any new or existing injuries, medical conditions or you are pregnant.  It is particularly important for group classes to inform your teacher as to your health each class, as the teachers have many students to attend to each week.  There are many modifications that may assist your yoga practice so it is more comfortable and beneficial for you.  You are encouraged to stay within your comfort range, not pushing if it is painful or too uncomfortable.   Please consult your doctor before you practice yoga.  If you have a cold/ flu/ feeling unwell or similar you are requested to rest at home so as not to spread viruses onto others.

During the class

Please communicate with your teacher during the class should you experience any discomfort.  There are many modifications that may easy any discomfort.  There is always the option to rest during a class.  Good rest postures include child’s pose (balasana) or on the back (savasana).

Preparing for class – etiquette 

Be punctual, at least 5 minutes before the start of class, to minimise disturbance to others in our initial relaxation.  Ensure your mobile phone/ smart watch or similar  is on silent or is switched off before class, including vibration mode.  Avoid wearing strong perfumes or cologne, as scents can become overpowering as the body heats up.   Please be mindful of others should they wish to be silent before and during the class.

Can I practice yoga, I’m so inflexible?!

Yes!  Anyone can practice yoga and over time many people experience more that just a positive physical change.  Yoga is a gradual, personal and individual journey that takes you within, in order to discover the positive qualities we each possess.