Sensory Ayurveda and Yoga Workshop – Water Element : Sun 6 Dec 10am to 12pm


Sensory Ayurveda and Yoga Workshop – Water Element

Sunday 6 Dec 10am to 12pm with Sally, Celesta and Jude, $40

Exploring the five foundation elements of Ayurveda together with the corresponding senses. 

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian life science, often practiced alongside yoga, and in this workshop we will be exploring the water element as an opportunity to identify and give attention to all that is fluid in our lives, from our physical body and environment to the fluid qualities of the minds. Water represents our metaphorical thirst for life, the fluidity of our movements and our liquidity in life.

Sally will expand on ways we can work with the water element in our lives including on a sensory level, as we experience and perceive the water element through taste, allowing us discernment with what we bring into our bodies from the outside world.  

Celesta will build on this theme through a guided fluid and dynamic yoga practice.  And Jude will lead us through a meditation, in which we learn to observe the flow of thoughts without being swept up in the flow. 

Please bring with you any blankets or personal props you may wish to use during the session. Studio props can be used providing you clean them after use. If you wish to use the studio bolsters or cushions please bring a large towel to cover.

Bookings essential as space is limited – click below and follow prompts to book.

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Sally Lee has a background in earth sciences and was first drawn to the logic and vast philosophy of ayurveda, while travelling in India as a backpacker in the 1990s. Later studying an advanced diploma in Ayurveda at AIHM in Perth to learn formally, understand more and bring her own health back to balance, she loves to share aspects of this logic and simple lifestyle remedies with others.

Celesta Widjaya’s passions lie in supporting her class to a nurtured, mind and movement sequence guided by the student’s own breath. Practicing beyond the physical into a deep awareness to ones body, mind and breath.

Jude Milan has witnessed the physical, mental and emotional benefits yoga and meditation has brought to both herself and others. This inspires her to share yoga and meditation with others so they too can experience wellbeing, stillness, peace, open heart and wisdom.