The Right Way to Get Angry

SUNDAY 31 March – 12 to 3pm

Anger is aroused when you are being thwarted in a goal that matters to you. It’s message is “get out of my way” – so it can highlight to us something which is upsetting, drawing our attention and motivating action. Anger can also become overwhelming, leasing to actions which hurt others psychologically and physically which leads to shame, guilt and fear.

Anger in itself isn’t good or bad but it is what we do with it that matters.

In this session we will delve deep into the emotion of anger to understand how it functions and develops so that we can influence the progression of anger to shape the form it takes. We will also train in mindfulness and attention skills and develop a balanced connection with others.

This session forms part of the CEB course – which draws from the wisdom of contemplative meditation practices and emotional research.

About CEB:
The Cultivating Emotional Balance Training emerged from the Destructive Emotions dialogue between behavioural scientists and the Dalai Lama, Buddhist monks, and scholars at the Mind and Life Institute in Dharamsala, India, in March of 2000. At the culmination of this meeting the Dalai Lama requested that the important ideas raised in these sessions, specifically how to manage the everyday obstacles of our destructive emotions, be turned into an accessible secular training.

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