Insights about happiness – Sunday September 29 : CEB Workshop

SUNDAY 29 September – 12 to 3pm
With CEB teachers Rob Milan 
& Kirsti Kilbane (mental health social worker)

Insights About Happiness

Enjoyable emotions motivate our lives. From a contemplative perspective the deep yearning for happiness keeps us moving through our lives in pursuit of meaning and purpose. From an evolutionary perspective enjoyable emotions cause us to participate in activities that are necessary for the survival of our species.

In this workshop we’ll explore enjoyable emotions from contemplative and scientific perspectives, learning and practicing a multi-faceted model to well being which uses meditation, discussion and learning about the causes and conditions for fleeting and long term feelings of happiness.

This session forms part of the Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB) course – which draws from the wisdom of contemplative meditation practices and emotional research.

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