Compassion and Connection – Sunday 25 August

SUNDAY 25 August – 12 to 3pm
With CEB teachers Rob Milan 
& Kirsti Kilbane (mental health social worker)

The Practice and Science of Compassion

When faced with hardship people often turn to social supports – the bolstering affect of this is life-enhancing. As more of the world connects on social media, however, the irony is that we are somehow more isolated than before.

Another method, and one which we will work on in this workshop, is increasing that sense of connection by increasing our own pro-social attitude of compassion – the feeling that arises when confronted with suffering and wishing to relieve it. As seen in the definition the compassionate attitude also it provides us with a means to be with difficulty without withdrawing or pushing away – a key to resilience and our own well being.

This session forms part of the Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB) course – which draws from the wisdom of contemplative meditation practices and emotional research.

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