Beginners Foundation Course – Hatha Yoga – starts 27 Oct 2021


Five week course – Wednesdays 6:15 to 7:15pm @ Hubert St with Debra, $90

Starts Wednesday 27 October 2021

For those new to yoga this course will introduce you to a sequence of postures (asanas) and give you an understanding of the foundations of hatha yoga practice.

This course will focus on strength building postures and gentle stretching, as you are guided through the yoga postures (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditations.  The aim is that you body will have more freedom and less tightness, and your mind will be more clear and calm.

What you will learn/ experience:

  • The foundational postures of hatha yoga
  • Instructions on how to bring safe and correct alignment and engagement in the postures
  • Guidance though breathing techniques and how to link those with the movements
  • Foundational meditations and relaxations

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This course is for every body – those new to yoga and those that wish to continue to explore the foundations of the yoga practice.  If you have had a break from yoga, this course will help to get you back into the routine of a regular practice.

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