6:15pm Beginner Foundation Yoga Class – Zoom


Thursday 6:15 – 7:15pm – Zoom – with Rob

In this five week term we will build a yoga practice from the ground up – starting with the load bearing parts of the body (the feet and the hands) before moving on to other body parts.  The aim is to get the body moving with more freedom – using the postures of yoga and the principles of Function Range Systems to clean up the mechanics of movement.

A 5 minute morning routine everyday and short (10 minute) homework videos will be posted with a recommendation that these be practiced 3 times a week in addition to the classes.

What you will learn/ experience:

  • The foundations for a safe practice
  • Exercises to increase ease of movement in the hips, shoulders and spine
  • A short sequence to effectively maintain the body and prepare for any activity
  • Basic breath work and integration of this into a movement practice

The next 5 week term will start 11 Feb


Yoga with a focus on gentle asanas (postures), improving mobility, slowing downing, inner reflection and relaxation. Suitable for all, including those with minor injuries.