11am Saturday Guided Meditation & CEB – by Donation @ Hubert St


Guided Meditation & Cultivating Emotional Balance – Saturdays 11am to 12 @ Hubert St – By Donation

October – Anger : The ‘right’ way to get angry

**note that there is no class on 30 October**

During this month we explore:

  • Meditations and practices to calm, stabilise and focus the mind
  • Exploring anger and using the energy of anger to cultivate clarity and insight
  • Listening to and learning to recognise the signals of anger
  • In these sessions we’ll explore both contemplative and scientific perspectives, learning and practicing a multi-faceted model to well being which uses meditation, discussion and learning about the causes and conditions for cognitive balance.

Bookings appreciated – by donation

Each session will include guided meditations, a short talk and a discussion drawn from the Cultivating Emotional Balance program.  We will practice meditations to calm the mind, expand our perceptions of the world and cultivate the positive qualities of the heart.

Cultivating Emotional Balance (CEB) is an educational training committed to utilising the experience of emotion as a path for developing the happiness of being for ourselves and in relationship to others.  By integrating the wisdom traditions of modern psychology, current emotion research, and contemplative practices, CEB provides a secular platform for transformation.  With the tools of CEB, we can draw upon our human capacity to wisely and compassionately actualise individual and collective well-being and reform a wholesome relationship with the planet.

With trained as CEB teachers, Jude Milan (certified 2017) and Rob Milan (certified 2018).

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March: Calming the Mind : mindfulness meditations, the importance of training attention in a distracted world, attentional balance

April/ May: Cultivating Compassion with open heart and open mind – compassion meditations, empathy vs compassion, our interconnected relationship and its importance.

June: How does science define emotions, and why is that important/ useful.  Exploring the ’emotion timeline’.  How can meditation affect our emotions and help us to make emotional choices for a happier and more balanced life.

July: Insights about Happiness.  Enjoyable emotions which motivate our lives. From a contemplative perspective the deep yearning for happiness keeps us moving through our lives in pursuit of meaning and purpose. From an evolutionary perspective enjoyable emotions cause us to participate in activities that are necessary for the survival of our species.

August – Inner Wellbeing : analysing our inner world and its relationship with the outer world. Cognitive balance through analysis of our inner and outer world. Meditations that contemplate our perception of the world, going from course to subtle.  How these meditations and our relationship to the inner and outer world can help us to understand how an emotion unfolds over time, using the science based ’emotional timeline’.

September – Calm Mind, Even Mind : Cultivating Equanimity

This session forms part of the CEB course, a 42 hour course, which will be offered in blocks throughout the year.  For those interested in completing the full 42 hour course we will keep track of attendance over the year.  Although elements of the course link together, we aim to ensure each block has individual learnings that are useful and applicable to every day life.

About CEB:
The Cultivating Emotional Balance Training emerged from the Destructive Emotions dialogue between behavioural scientists and the Dalai Lama, Buddhist monks, and scholars at the Mind and Life Institute in Dharamsala, India, in March of 2000. At the culmination of this meeting the Dalai Lama requested that the important ideas raised in these sessions, specifically how to manage the everyday obstacles of our destructive emotions, be turned into an accessible secular training.