Disctinct from classes which form the staple of what we run – these are run now and then.

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30 Days of Wellbeing – November 2020


30 Days Wellbeing @ 67 Hubert St

With Rob, Jude, Celesta, Ashton and Dani
1 to 30 November 2020

6:00-7:00am Mon to Fri; 8:15-9:30am Sat & 8:30-9:30am Sun

Ready to establish your yoga practice as the foundation of each day.

30 days of wellbeing is a regular morning yoga practice aimed at establishing the habit to cultivate wellbeing in the body and mind.  Part of cultivating wellbeing is considering your nutritional needs and Dani Jose will be joining us to supporting you through your nutrition and wellness aspirations.  It takes some time to establish a new habit and 30 days is a good amount of time to lay the foundation.  Regular yoga practice is challenging, rewarding and transformative.

Do expect the beginning to be a challenge (and perhaps the middle and end too) however, like everything, with time and repetition a sense of ease arises.  The rewards are many – calm clear mind, a relaxed, strong body, upright posture, increase of energy, an overall sense of wellbeing and peace..

And as you start each practice with an intention to bring wellbeing to yourself and others it will bring deep meaning into your day.

The details:

  • Starts 1 November until 30 November
  • Aim to attend at least 20 out of the 30 days – 5x a week, leaving some time to rest as required
  • Includes a 10min before and after consult with nutrition advisor Dani Jose – date of consult TBA.  Dani will take your before and after biometrics (optional) and provide a standard vegetarian meal plan for the 30 days.  If you would like a personalised meal plan we can arrange a separate consult with Dani, for an additional fee.
  • You will be supported by our teachers in the classes, and through a private facebook group, in which Dani, and the teachers will post extra tips, short practices and encouragement for the month.
  • We request that you book in for each class.  Those that book in and attend 20 classes or more will go into a draw to win a place at the next yin & myofascial release workshop.  This is to give you extra incentive to keeping going, especially when you feel like hugging the pillow a little longer 🙂
  • Those with existing 30 day memberships are welcome to join.  Please let us know you are interested and pay the additional $20 next time you are at the studio. Also, ensure your membership is valid for the duration of the month
  • Monday and Friday mornings will still have a livestream and in studio options – all other classes will be in studio only.


Beginners Foundation Course – Hatha Yoga – starts 15 Oct


Five week course – Thursdays 6:15 – 7:15pm @ Hubert St – with Rachel, $90

Starts Thursday 15 October 2020 

For those new to yoga or continuing on from the previous course, this course will introduce you to a sequence of postures (asanas) and give you an understanding of the foundations of hatha yoga practice.

This course will focus on strength building postures and gentle stretching, as you are guided through the yoga postures (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditations.  The aim is that you body will have more freedom and less tightness, and your mind will be more clear and calm.

What you will learn/ experience:

  • The foundational postures of hatha yoga
  • Instructions on how to bring safe and correct alignment and engagement in the postures
  • Guidance though breathing techniques and how to link those with the movements
  • Foundational meditations and relaxations

The next 5 week block will be 19 Nov.

Parents & Baby Yoga Course starts 13 Oct – Celesta


Tuesdays 13, 20, 27 Oct, 3, 10 Nov 11am-12pm @ Hubert St – with Celesta

Yoga for mums, dads or carers, and your baby.  A relaxed environment to practice yoga and play with your baby.

Taught by specially trained and qualified post and pre natal yoga teachers, this course is a gentle transition back to a physical practice.

During the course we will emphasise:

  • therapeutically restoring core and pelvic floor strength,
  • releasing tension and tightness that can build from being a care giver, and
  • restoring rest and relaxation, using breathing and meditation practices
Suitable for babies 8 weeks old up until they start to crawl.  Previous yoga experience in not required.
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Yin Yoga & Myofascial Release Class : Sun 25 Oct 11:00am – 12:30pm


Yin Yoga & Myofascial Release Class

Sunday 25 Oct 11:00am – 12:30pm @ Hubert St – with Jude, $30

This yin class will incorporate the spiky ball and foam roller to induce deep release  of restricted areas within the body using the principles of myofascial release.

Yin Yoga works into the connective tissues of the body, with a focus on hip and spine mobility. The practice gives us time to slow down, connect with and explore the depths of the body and mind.

Yin lends itself very well to the practice of mindfulness and introspection so we can transform our practice into a moving meditation and reap the benefits of relaxation, sustained attentional balance and sharpness of mind, as well as cultivating a supple body in a state of ease.

The aim is to have you leave the class with more freedom, movement and release in your body, and a deeply relaxed and calm mind.

Suitable for complete beginners to experienced yoga practitioners.